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At Gorenje Surovina we collect a wide range of waste materials from which we extract secondary raw materials or high energy fuels using thoughtful, innovative and responsible methods.

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Quality for the environment

At Gorenje Surovina we have always managed the environment responsibly and professionally. Our basic principle is commitment to recycling and reuse of waste.

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Location of our collection centers in Slovenia


The initial deadline for submitting binding offers for Gorenje Surovina, May 29, 2018, was extended by a month by the management board of Gorenje d.d. (Gorenje Surovina's owner), as the process in question is a strategic one.
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From 12 to 24 March, there were 280 tonnes of waste material in the value of almost EUR 40,000 collected. Individuals and companies actively participated in the campaign.
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On March 28 in Lukavac near Tuzla, Kemis BH, owned by Gorenje Surovina d.o.o., opened the door of the largest Center for Bioremediation in SE Europe.
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