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At Surovina we collect a wide range of waste materials from which we extract secondary raw materials or high energy fuels using thoughtful, innovative and responsible methods.

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Quality for the environment

At Surovina we have always managed the environment responsibly and professionally. Our basic principle is commitment to recycling and reuse of waste.

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Location of our collection centers in Slovenia


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, together with its partners, applied for a project entitled Recycling of Rapid Antigen LFIA Tests (COVID-19) (acronym: LFIA-REC). The main goal of the project is the collection and processing of used rapid antigen LFIA tests (COVID-19) and the establishment of a model for their processing with the aim of reusing them for different purposes.
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In cooperation with the University of Maribor, Surovina hosted an international group of students this year as part of the traditional summer school, Solution Design – The Value of Waste.
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This wonderful holiday house is well-kept and suitable for fantastic weekend getaways or as a touristy purposed rent-out.

Because the house is located inside the complex of Spa & Wellness center Terme Čatež, their reception is at your disposal for many things, such as key-keeping, receiving the guest, swimming entrance tickets and similar.
More information available at 24nep.si/oglas/340869.
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Let your waste
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