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Laboratory analyses
Laboratory analyses

Expertise, competence and modern equipment

Research and analyses in our modernly equipped laboratory round off our range of activities and processes of integrated waste management.

We carry out procedures in our modern laboratory to ensure the quality of solid fuels from waste in accordance with the standards for solid fuels from waste and the requirements of the production process and customers. We perform most tests ourselves, while the final reports on the quality of the product are created by contracted accredited laboratories.

Our laboratory services are also available to external customers. We perform sampling of waste and materials, preparation and homogenisation of laboratory samples of combustible wastes, determination of physical material properties by sieve analysis and bulk density, and chemical analyses of combustible and similar wastes, secondary energy products, and liquid and solid fuels.

The following equipment is available in the laboratory: handheld XRF analyser (enables qualitative and quantitative analysis of a wide range of solid, bulk and liquid materials for the content of a large number of elements from Mg to U, especially heavy metals and chlorine), IKA C 5000 calorimeter (enables determination of calorific value according to standard), Metrohm Titrator TITRANDO 809 (enables accurate determination of a wide range of chlorine and sulphur content), two mills Retsch SM 2000 and ZM 200 (cutting and ultra-centrifugal mill) Retsch AS 200 CONTROL shaker (enables determination of particle size distribution of bulk material) and Kern moisture analyser(enables fast and accurate determination of moisture in the sample).

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