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About us

We have a rich history and a clear vision for the future!

We are a company with over seventy years of tradition, valuable experiences, clearly set objectives and a bold vision for the future - to stay the largest provider of waste management services in Slovenia, and to offer solutions for all sorts of wastes to our partners in industry, local communities, and households.

The business activity of Surovina is the extraction of secondary raw materials from residual waste. Our basic strategy is commitment to recycling and reuse of waste, which remains our basic principle also in the development of activities for waste processing. To extract very useful and valuable secondary materials - this will also be our fundamental activity in the future.

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Kemeko d.o.o Serbia
is active in the collection, transport, storage and processing of residual metal and non-metal materials. The company specialises in hazardous waste management in the Serbian market. They organise final disposal or incineration of hazardous wastes for their business partners and have all the necessary authorisations for cross-border transport of waste to authorised foreign companies.

Phone: +381 63 321 155
Kemeko Bosnia and Hercegovina
is active in the collection, storage and disposal of hazardous industrial and household wastes, special industrial cleaning, processing of medicinal wastes, and production and engineering.

Phone: +387 35 556 988

KEMEKO d.o.o. Banja Luka
Vidovdanska 37,
78000 Banja Luka,
Phone: 00387 65 538 543
Gorenje Surovina RECE d.o.o.
Vita Kraigherja 5, 2000 Maribor

Phone: +386 2 707 21 10
Surovina RECE d.o.o.
Milutina Barača 26, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Phone: +385 51 201 011

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