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The Surovina packaging scheme
The Surovina packaging scheme

The Surovina packaging scheme

Professional and complete fulfilment of obligations, as required by law.

Legal entities and business individuals are required by the Decree on Packaging and Waste Packaging Handling (hereinafter: the Decree) to use the services of waste packaging management companies (hereinafter: DROE) under certain conditions.

Packaging is anything that surrounds a good (product or component) and is intended to sell, protect or transport the good. When emptied by the end user, it becomes waste packaging and the responsibility of the person who first entered or placed the packaging, including the packaged good, on the Slovenian market. It is taken care of by using the services of the DROE that fulfil all the obligations required by the Decree on the user's behalf.

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When must a company use DROE services?

The person liable is a legal entity/business individual who first enters (from EU member states or other countries) or sells the packaging on the market of the Republic of Slovenia in a total amount of at least 15 tonnes, annually, namely:

  • packers for the packaging that include their products under their own brand or are filled with products labelled with their brand,
  • acquirers of packaged goods who acquire the packaged goods from the European Union or import them from other countries and then sell the goods on the Slovenian market. Producers of packaging that is to be filled at the point of sale, unless the packaging includes the brand/label of another person liable to use the DROE services,
  • packaging acquirers who acquire or import the packaging to the Slovenian market for the implementation of their own activity or resale,
  • acquirers of packaged goods or acquirers of packaging who use the packaging or packaged goods, acquired in the EU or imported from other countries, as end users for the implementation of their activities, and therefore have no previous supplier.

“Packaging Decree” (brochure) Uredba

Liable persons who use DROE services provided by Surovina are ensured the following:

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