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Investment in a new concept of recycling preparation in the circular economy

Investment in a new concept of recycling preparation in the circular economy

Project description:
The subject of the investment is the construction of two facilities and the purchase of new tangible and intangible fixed assets that will comply with the highest energy standards or relate to the best available technology - BAT and ISO 14001.
The purpose of this investment, namely the introduction of a new concept for the processing of non-municipal packaging waste and plastic packaging in secondary raw materials in the field of circular economy, for the company Surovina represents an important contribution to reducing profits. The aim of the project is to diversify the manufacturing company into a new product, which is dosed by a non-manufacturer, namely high-quality ground and washed recycled plastic waste, which achieves greater added value and better environmental efficiency.
The investigation will introduce further decisive steps to promote the circular economy concept, focusing on more separate waste collection, reducing logistics costs per unit of waste collected, reducing fossil fuel and CO2 consumption, increasing waste recycling and waste generation (therefore, it is important that the project includes all phases of the technological process, which are interdependent and represent a comprehensive technological process (presented in more detail in Chapter 6 of the Investment Program).
In addition, we will reduce the negative impact on the environment (reducing the amount of waste, reducing the use of primary raw materials or increasing the use of secondary raw materials, reuse in recycling in high quality secondary raw materials, contribution to conservation and restoration of ecosystems, improving energy efficiency by reducing greenhouse gases, etc. ).
The investment is funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU and is part of the European Recovery and Resilience Plan. The project is partly co-financed within the framework of the Public Tender for the Promotion of Large Investments for Greater Productivity and Competitiveness in the Republic of Slovenia. The total value of the project is 11,779,000.00 EUR, the amount of co-financing from the mechanism is 3,180,330.00 EUR.