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At Surovina we collect a wide range of waste materials from which we extract secondary raw materials or high energy fuels using thoughtful, innovative and responsible methods.

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Quality for the environment

At Surovina we have always managed the environment responsibly and professionally. Our basic principle is commitment to recycling and reuse of waste.

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Location of our collection centers in Slovenia


As the most favorable bidder in the public procurement procedure of November 2019, Surovina started the recovery of the gravel pit in Lovrenc na Dravskem polju.
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Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to inform you that, along with the change of ownership, the company name Gorenje Surovina d.o.o. changed to Surovina d.o.o. (or in full: Surovina, družba za predelavo odpadkov d.o.o.). The change was entered into the Slovenian Business Register. Other data remains unaffected.
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On Friday, April 26th 2019, the company Gorenje completed the sale of Gorenje Surovina. Our company has therefore moved under the auspices of Eko Surovina d.o.o., which is owned by Rastoder d.o.o. Eko Surovina d.o.o. has thus also became the owner of the subsidiaries of Gorenje Surovina, namely Kemis Valjevo (Serbia), Kemis-BH (BiH), Gorenje Surovina Rece (Slovenia) and Gorenje Surovina Rece (Croatia).
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