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At Gorenje Surovina we collect a wide range of waste materials from which we extract secondary raw materials or high energy fuels using thoughtful, innovative and responsible methods.

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Quality for the environment

At Gorenje Surovina we have always managed the environment responsibly and professionally. Our basic principle is commitment to recycling and reuse of waste.

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Location of our collection centers in Slovenia


In line with the strategic orientation of focusing on the core business, Gorenje d.d. explores the possibilities of divesting activities and companies dealing with »Other activities« and continues to sell commercially unnecessary assets.
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In Gorenje Surovina Maribor, namely Tezno workunit, we installed an automatic external defibrillator (AED).
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In cooperation with the University of Maribor, we hosted an international group of students who attended this year's Summer School on the topic "The value of waste". At the end of Summer School, the students from Russia, China, Germany, Indonesia and other countries will present their research-based Solution Design to the topic.
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