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For organisations, societies and schools
For organisations, societies and schools
Bring your waste materials to Surovina!

For several years now, we have connected with various societies, organisations and local schools. Through joint campaigns, gatherings and events we want to increase environmental awareness and point out the good practices of organisations, schools and societies that would be worth pursuing.

Organise a campaign for collecting waste raw materials to provide additional income for your society!

Surovina, in cooperation with various societies, organises small or large campaigns for collecting waste materials every year.
The date and place of collection is mutually agreed upon, and we also help you inform the other town residents about the campaign. At the end, we provide safe removal of waste raw materials and appropriate payment.

Petra Žunkovič
T: +386 (0)2 70 72 115

We cooperate with many local societies, schools, organisations, and the satisfaction is mutual.

Čisto veselje

"Čisto veselje" (‘Clean fun’) is a pan-Slovenian charity campaign for the collection of waste raw materials. Surovina d.o.o. cooperates with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth in the "Botrstvo" project with the objective to help. The "Čisto veselje" campaign raises awareness of the meaning of nature conservation and at the same time encourages people to help children with emotional and behavioural disorders.

Ni debate – v Surovino dajte stare aparate

The "Ni debate – v Surovino dajte stare aparate!" (‘No worries – give your old appliances to Surovina raw materials!’) campaign organised in collaboration with Zeos is intended to raise awareness of the meaning of separated waste electrical and electronic equipment collection among primary school children and the general public. For three weeks, everything connected to electricity and powered by batteries is collected in a certain region. The best schools are rewarded with a concert by a known Slovenian musician and the town residents receive practical prizes. Through play, we manage to collect as much as 200 to 300 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment within a short period of time. But most of all, we are proud to have raised awareness among many young people through play during these years, who now expand their knowledge further.

We purchase

(gardening tools, parts of landscaping machinery, parts of agricultural machinery, garden fences, various mountings, steel containers, radiators, iron scrap form construction)

(plain paper, boxes, newspapers, cardboard, old textbooks)

(copper, brass, zinc, lead and aluminium products (sanitary fittings, gutters, sprayers, radiators, ...))


We accept




(vacuum cleaners, electric brushes, electric tools, printers, computers, radios, irons, deep fryers, …)

(phones, mobile phones, electric toys, MP3 players, shavers, keyboards, mice, chargers, electric brushes, …)

(refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, dryers, ovens, electric radiators, microwaves, …)


Our customers' experience

"Last year we organised a collection campaign with the help of Surovina during which we collected, to our great surprise, a whole bunch of different materials that our town residents had lying around in their homes. We cleaned all the old tools, gutters, discarded parts of construction materials, agricultural machinery, etc. The money raised, which was not a small amount, helped us buy a new vehicle for the transport of children. We will definitely be organising a similar event over time as this was both useful and pleasant, and we had a great day."

Damijan Kaučevič,

President of Trniče VFD

»In 2014, our member's home was partly damaged by fire. The damage was quite extensive, so the neighbours and friends wanted to help out with renovation. In addition to the physical part, we also organised a waste paper collection campaign to cover the costs. Surovina helped us with the transport and organisation, and together we raised a nice sum of money that was very welcome with such a large, sudden cost.«

Viktorija Pirjevec Žohar,

humanitarian society "Žvižgač"