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With their services and products, Surovina d.o.o. brings to life their vision and mission in the field of comprehensive waste management. Sustainable development of planned waste handling and management is based on the key environmental principles of collection, transport, processing, and material and energy recovery of waste.

We are committed to:

  • compliance with the applicable legislative and other requirements that we agreed to;
  • managing the response to the demands of the users (suppliers and buyers as well as stakeholders);
  • preventing environmental contamination;
  • continuously improving the quality management system, environmental management as well as occupational safety and health;
  • maintaining and improving the satisfaction of owners, employees and stakeholders;
  • Providing a safe and health eork enviroment, preventing the occurrence of injuries or diseases, and reducing the OSHF risks;
  • Consulting and cooperating with workers (works council) regarding all matters important for the occupational safety and health.

Quality, environmental and OSHF policy

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Quality system and certificates

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