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Steel scrap
Steel scrap

Steel does not only have a long lifespan, but has many lives!

Today, a beverage can - tomorrow, the bodywork of a vehicle; today, a working tool - tomorrow, the pillar of a bridge; today, a ship’s engine - tomorrow, a turbine in a power plant! Due to the versatile usefulness of steel, steel scrap is the undisputed "world champion" when it comes to recycling. The annual proportion of steel recycled in the world is greater than the annual proportion of recycled paper, plastics and glass combined. The reason for this certainly lies in the fact that steel can be recycled as many times as we want, completely and without the loss of quality, which saves both the primary raw material and energy!

Waste materials

Old steel scrap

Steel scrap from production, technological waste

Mixed steel scrap


Machines, machine parts and components

Grey cast scrap

Stainless steel

Sales programme

Old thick steel scrap
(thickness > 6 mm,
< 1,5x0,5x0,5 m)

Mixed carbon steel turnings

Grey cast iron turnings

Old thin steel scrap
(thickness do 6 mm,
<1,5x0,5x0,5 m)

Old thick steel scrap
(thickness >10 mm,
<1,5x0,5x0,5 m)

Cast iron feedstock – cut to size

New sheet metal punch scrap
(<1,5x0,5x0,5 m)

Old sheet metal packages

Cast iron feedstock – packages of new sheet metal

Old sheet metal packages

Machine parts and components

Stainless steel pieces (by alloying element content)

Homogeneous turnings

Grey cast pieces

Stainless steel pieces (by alloying element)

Let your waste
become our concern!

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