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Dear business partners,
we would like to inform you, that on Friday, the 26.th of April, the company Gorenje has completed the sale and purchase process of Gorenje Surovina, which is now owned by Eko Surovina (in the ownership of Mr. Izet Rastoder). Hence, as of today, the company Eko Surovina, is the new owner of Gorenje Surovina and its subsidiaries Kemis–BH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kemis Valjevo (Serbia), Gorenje Surovina RECE (Slovenia), and Gorenje Surovina RECE (Croatia).
As noted by Izet Rastoder, upon signing of the agreement, he intends to further develop Gorenje Surovina and expand its activities in all fields of its operations, since the decision to acquire Gorenje Surovina was based on many synergies with Rastoder's own core activity, especially regarding packaging processing.
We therefore believe, dear business partners, that our constructive and successful cooperation will go on like before and in the coming future develop even further. We will keep you informed about possible changes of the companies name etc.
We are looking forward to continue and upgrade the story of success, we have been writing together ever since.

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