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From 12 to 24 March, there were 280 tonnes of waste material in the value of almost EUR 40,000 collected. Individuals and companies actively participated in the campaign.

Ljubljana, Maribor, March 29, 2018 – The “Čisto veselje” or Pure Joy Campaign was held for the third time in a row this year, also with the aim to enable vacation for children from socially weak families in the company of their peers. Children are always overwhelmed with joy to get this opportunity, because they are often stigmatised and excluded from their social circles due to their distress. This time, individuals and companies contributed almost 280 tonnes of waste material in the total value exceeding EUR 37,600. With the help of all participating parties, 80 children from families in distress will go on vacation this year under the patronage of the “Botrstvo” Project in Slovenia.

The collaboration of the “Botrstvo” Project, Gorenje Surovina and Spar Slovenia companies resulted in setting up more than 40 waste collection sites across Slovenia where individuals and companies were able to discard their waste electrical and electronic equipment, coloured metals, steel waste and waste paper. All collected waste materials were evaluated at current market prices and the funds shall be allocated for enabling the vacation of children coming from socially weak families from all over Slovenia. Many Slovenian companies also joined the campaign this year by giving their waste material produced during the campaign.,

“Vacation with friends and peers is an exceptional opportunity for children to make friendships and to learn how to function in a group and in the society. Not all children living in Slovenia are able to do that at the moment. We are very pleased and grateful that we will be able to fulfil these wishes to 80 children this year,” as Anita Ogulin, the President of the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje commented. She also warned about how children who live in distress are deprived of many things: “Children from such environments have difficulties bonding, and emotional as well as behavioural disorders are also the results of such distress. These children need socialisation, but because they have difficulties joining groups, they are often left out from organised activities. The funds collected by the “Čisto veselje” Campaign enable them exactly what the name of the project means – the joy in getting the opportunity for inclusion and help offered by those who accompany them. This is very important for their development and for them to become functional and healthy people. We are deeply thankful to all who participated this year, who made the effort and brought waste materials to collection sites, thus putting smiles on children’s faces.

Jure Fišer, Director of Gorenje Surovina, emphasised: “Besides our eco-oriented activities social responsibility also presents a part of our company’s policy. We have shown people how these activities can be merged via the process of raising the awareness about the importance of collecting and separating waste. Our business partners, without whom it would be difficult for us to achieve such success, have also noticed the quality of our campaign and we thank them for their collaboration. We are glad that our joined endeavours have resulted in such a successful project.

This year, the Spar Slovenija company supported the campaign. General Manager, mag. Igor Mervič, said: “Social responsibility is an important part of our company, therefore, we proudly joined the “Čisto veselje” Campaign for the second consecutive year and we have contributed to the collected amount that will enable children to go on vacation. We have successfully collaborated with the "Botrstvo” Project in Slovenia for quite some time, this is why it is very important that we help the weakest – i.e. children – by raising the awareness about the importance of collecting and separating waste and to give them pure joy by enabling them to spend an unforgettable vacation.

By bringing various types of waste material, until today, people have helped raise more than EUR 120,000 and collect more than 1000 tonnes of waste material.

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