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Dear schoolgirls, schoolboys, students and teachers,

Our company’s basic goal for already 60 years is collecting, recycling and recovery of waste into energy. In September 2010, we opened a new plant for the production of solid fuel from waste in Maribor. The plant uses non-hazardous waste (wood, plastic, textile, paper) that can not be materially recycled, and recovers it into solid fuel.  Its quality is tested in our own laboratory. Our solid recovered fuel (SRF) is perfect for co-incineration in cement kilns, thermal power plants, and heating plants.

Our company’s mission is also social responsibility, informing and educating the general public. That is why we kindly invite you to visit us and learn more from our experts on the spot, because we are proud that our new plant can serve our business partners and the community so well. Please do not hesitate to contact us to fix the date of your visit. Our contact:  or phone No. +386 2 250 70 15.

We shall be pleased to meet you. Since we treat waste in a different way. Green!

Let your waste
become our concern!

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