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Čisto veselje (Pure Pleasure) is coming to Slovenia again. The campaign is intended for children’s holidays from the Botrstvo (Sponsorship) project in Slovenia and is carried out in cooperation with the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste-Polje, Gorenje Surovina, Spar and Interspar Slovenia.
The Čisto veselje (Pure Pleasure) campaign will take place again this year, to encourage solidarity among Slovenes and draw attention to the importance of nature conservation. Between March 12 and 24 2018, you will be able to discard waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste paper, steel waste and non-ferrous metals at specified Gorenje Surovina d.o.o. locations throughout Slovenia, thereby contributing to the Botrstvo project children's holiday. Spring and the spring-cleaning of basements and garages is just around the corner. Give a new and noble purpose to waste materials through the Čisto veselje campaign. You can help children from the Botrstvo project to experience some relaxing moments with their peers while at the same time helping to preserve nature and contribute to a cleaner environment.
For information on this year's campaign visit www.cistoveselje.si or the Facebook event page where a list of waste materials to be discarded and the locations of collection points are published (Spar and Interspar locations only collect paper).  

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